Leaving Red Hat

Jon Masters
2 min readSep 3, 2021


Red Hatters (and alumni) wear their Fedoras with pride

Here we are (again). Today is my last day at Red Hat for a second time. I leave behind several amazing teams spanning the gamut from Arm Architecture to Automotive and many things in between. I know that all of you are well positioned for success and although I will miss all of you, I also know that you will be fine without me. Keep doing awesome things dear friends :)

Red Hat is a special kind of place. There are few places where you can be surrounded by so many people who are passionate about Open Source. Red Hatters are driven by doing the right things for the communities that they participate in, and doing the right thing for Open Source, even if it were to ever go against any commercial interests. I am very grateful to have been able to spend so many years in the company of such passionate people and to have grown up with the growth of the company.

Speaking of passion, I have in recent years discovered that I am extremely passionate about hardware and software co-design, building optimal solutions at the intersection of the two. I left Red Hat once before to pursue an opportunity that involved blending hardware and software. I am a strong believer in the future being built upon amazing technologies that seamlessly mix hardware and software through a choreographed interplay of the two.

I am not yet ready to share where I am going, or what I will be doing when I get there, but I plan to live my dream, while making a dent in the universe.

So long, farewell, and see you on the internet.